melting fat

Is Melting Fat Actually An Option?

I doubted it.

You see, I’ve spent years, more like decades doing the work – yoga, biking, hiking, HIIT workouts. I’m a yoga instructor and health and wellness coach.

I’ve tried every diet and detox you can imagine. I eat mostly veggies I grow in my backyard and have virtually ditched sugar, dairy, and processed foods. I enjoy one matcha tea in place of coffee in the morning and I drink boatloads of water daily.

I even tried CoolSculpting.

All this and I still wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

I had this bit of stubborn belly fat that just wouldn’t budge not matter what I tried.

I thought I was just going to have to live with it…until SculpSure came along.

It was just the tweak I needed to make me feel, well, more like me.

After a lifetime of trying and not getting it quite right, I finally have hope I’ll like the way I look. And I’ll look the way I feel – confident, vibrant and full of life.

SculpSure offers permanent fat reduction with little to no downtime and only slight discomfort during the procedure.

If this sounds interesting to you, or you just want to know more, call Canyons Medical Center for a free consult at 801.666.6650.

Because taking care of you is the most important work you’ll ever do.