New Patients

Before your appointment:

Please contact your previous doctor(s) and have them fax your medical records to us at 801-572-3106. If you have recently been in the emergency room or have had a surgery, procedure, or any tests or imaging done (X-Rays, MRI), please also have those reports faxed to us. If you need assistance in this process, feel free to give us a call.

Bring to your appointment:

Your driver’s license or other government-issued ID, your insurance card, your insurance copayment, and a list of all medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking. You may also choose to fill out your New Patient Paperwork at home and bring it to your appointment. This will save you time when you get to the office and allow you to be seen more quickly. Please print and fully complete, by hand in pen, the first six pages in the

New Patient Paperwork Document (click link below).

The final 2 pages are for you to keep for your reference only. 

Current Patients

Blood-draw or Injection Nurse Visits:

If you need blood work or a shot an appointment is required. No walk-ins.

For all blood draws fasting (6-8 hrs) is preferred but not mandatory. Please be well hydrated (plenty of water).

Bring to your appointment:

Insurance card, Copay, and Photo ID are required at every appointment. You may also want to bring a note pad to write down what you discuss with the provider. If there have been any changes to your medications, please medications with you or bring a detailed list (name, strength, frequency) to inform the Medical Assistant and/or Provider.